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Conflict. It’s a term we are all familiar with but do we really understand the depths, the consequences, and even the benefits of dealing with a conflict? It seems obvious that when we define the word conflict, we assume it is the disagreement or differing opinions that can cause a rift between two parties. Oftentimes, the reasoning behind a conflict can be a build-up of issues and emotions, which can lead to passive-aggressiveness due to a lack of communication that is released at one time. Other times, a conflict may come up suddenly due to an acute scenario that can spark a dramatic reaction. Either way, conflict is universal and we all cross paths with it. Thus, it is important to find healthy ways of managing our emotions to promote a positive outcome. Schedule a call today with Diedrich Counseling Services. This is a consultation request which will be a Free 30 minute or less call that will allow Ellen's team to take your information, discuss possible plans, answer any questions, and get you on the schedule for counseling with Ellen Diedrich. Please Request a Consultation Call below and choose a time that best fits your needs. We will do our very best to accommodate and you will receive a confirmation E-mail very shortly.

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